Slippery Racer is a family business, founded just over 7 years ago. As a family of avid outdoor enthusiasts we have always had a favorite winter tradition, snow sledding. From 2000-2010, we tried almost every sled out there and while we had a lot of fun, we could never seem to find affordable sleds that were built just right. Everything out there was too brittle, too flimsy, too hard, or too soft and we knew families and their kids deserved better. So an idea popped into our heads and we got to work. We spent several years of developing 1) Our revolutionary plastic formula for the perfect firm-to-flex ratio and 2) Our proprietary IceVex cold resistant treatment to eliminate cold cracking. After completing 1 & 2, we proudly introduced our products to the world and as they say, the rest is history. Slippery Racer has now become a leading brand in the sledding world, known for quality and dependability.   

About Us

  Slippery Racer proudly supports several charitable organizations including: